IBM Cognos Impromptu


Client-based report authoring software on Cognos Series 7 architecture.


IBM® Cognos® Impromptu® lets you author virtually any report using Impromptu's superior frame-based reporting interface.

Create reports from any data source and distribute them to business users across the organization for better decisions and improved corporate performance. IBM Cognos Impromptu is based on the IBM Cognos Series 7 architecture.

  • Flexible report creation: frame-based report builder with features such as prompts, picklists, filters, and grouping, sorting and formatting capabilities.
  • Advanced reporting options let users build a wide variety of reports: grouped lists, crosstabs, charts and more.
  • Powerful summaries and calculations.
  • Linked reports: a report author can easily create a system of linked reports to explore the data and move from summary to detail.
  • Prompts and customization: IT can ensure that one report serves the needs of many.
  • Move up to IBM Cognos 8 BI - the next level of reporting on a new Web services-based, service oriented architecture.

Cognos Impromptu

Features and benefits

Managed reporting enables report authors to create reports drawn from any data source. These reports can then be delivered to report consumers.

IBM Cognos managed reporting is delivered through two components:

IBM® Cognos® Impromptu®. Report authors use Impromptu to create business-context reports. Report authors can author virtually any report using Impromptu's superior frame-based reporting interface. Report data can come from any source, and reports can be deployed to Impromptu users across LANs and WANs, as well as to mobile users.

IBM Cognos Impromptu Web Reports (IWR). Using reports created in IBM Cognos Impromptu, IBM Cognos Impromptu Web Reports delivers managed, print-ready reports across the Web for large groups of report consumers. Users can subscribe to published reports, and customize them to meet their specific needs.

As part of its comprehensive BI offering, IBM continues to support and develop IBM Cognos BI Series 7 capabilities such as IBM Cognos Impromptu and IBM Cognos Impromptu Web Reports.

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