IBM Cognos PowerPlay


Cognos® PowerPlay® lets you identify and analyze trends in business and financial performance for better business decisions.

IBM® Cognos PowerPlay lets you analyze large volumes of dimensionally modeled data with sub-second response times using either a Windows client or Web browser. View data from any angle and in any combination to identify and analyze the driving factors behind your business results.

• Sophisticated time trending and projection lets users analyze what has changed over previous years, quarters, months, and other critical measures.
• Scalable, customer-proven architecture maximizes network resources.
• Step up to IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence - Expand the value of IBM Cognos PowerPlay with IBM Cognos 8 BI, to round out analysis with all BI capabilities in one product.

Features and benefits

Robust analysis tools in IBM® Cognos® PowerPlay®

• Analyze what's driving your business with data organized in logical categories such as fiscal periods, sales regions and product groups.
• Move from summary level to up-to-the-second transaction level detail, or from one PowerCube to another until you find the information you are looking for.
• Intelligent time trending with built-in customizable time series analysis lets users see at a glance the performance of any measure in any combination of categories, across key time periods.

Easier to deploy
• Convert 1 billion consolidated rows and 2 million categories from multiple data sources into compact PowerCubes.
• Zero-footprint Web deployment and bandwidth-saving stateless connections save resources, ease maintenance and provide a better extranet-ready environment.
• Multi-server, load-balanced architecture and scalability to thousands of users mean it is much easier to deploy, monitor, manage and upgrade than other analysis tools.
• Seamless integration with third-party cubes and OLAP servers lets companies maximize return on Hyperion, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP BW, and other resources they already own.
• IBM Cognos PowerPlay processes and summarizes data in the application layer and only returns results at a summary level, conserving bandwidth and optimizing network efficiency.
• Superior multidimensional modeling capabilities, with support for all data sources, comprehensive logging and checking point, automated cube builds and centralized security and administration provide superior manageability for IT.
• Advanced multidimensional modeling, time-dependant processing, alternate drill paths, distinct category counts and time-based partitioned PowerCubes create a flexible design environment that expedites development and enhances ROI.

Easier to use
• Explore multidimensional information by simply clicking and dragging. Drill down through increasing levels of detail and view by different dimensions such as sales per region or by product.
• View and analyze data relationships graphically and change displays easily. IBM Cognos PowerPlay's industry-leading functionality means end-users can easily drill down, slice and dice, rank, sort, forecast and nest information to gain greater insight into trends, causes and effects.
• A single server, common XML-based report format means that a report can be opened in whatever client suites a user needs.
• User-friendly interface makes multidimensional analysis simple for all users, regardless of their business or technical level.
• IBM Cognos PowerPlay is part of the most comprehensive business intelligence suite in the world, making it easy to add and extend zero footprint scorecarding, planning and reporting capabilities.


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