IBM Informix Dynamic Server Express



IBM Informix® Dynamic Server Express Edition 11.5 offers outstanding online transaction processing (OLTP) database performance, while helping to simplify and automate many of the tasks associated with deploying databases for small business applications. IDS 11 further extends the ease of management and applications integration with the Admin API and Scheduler, high availability with Continuous Log Restore for backup server recovery in case of a primary server failure, and column level encryption to protect personal and company private data.

What are the IBM Informix Dynamic Server AMIs for Express and Workgroup Editions?

The IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) offers different editions to help customers meet their functionality, configuration, and cost needs. IDS is a relational database suitable for deployment across a wide range of solutions and business sizes.
IDS is well known for its legendary reliability, blazing fast OLTP performance, security, and near hands free administration for high-volume OLTP applications. IDS has a wide range of capabilities for customers to ensure continuous availability and maximize their hardware investments, in addition to offering active-active clustering capabilities for easy scalability on demand. IDS is ideal for managing deployments from small to tens of thousands of instances with no or few DBAs. IDS is also a data server of choice for integrated and embedded solutions.
IDS Express Edition is a full-function IDS data server providing very attractive entry-level pricing for small and medium businesses. IDS Express Edition offers a strong foundation for building on demand solutions for high-volume online transaction processing (OLTP) and near-zero transaction response time, with high reliability, low cost of administration, and remote management of IDS servers. It is a leading choice data server for business partners integrating their solutions with IDS for small businesses, requiring minimal or no database administration.
IDS Workgroup Edition is an ideal data server for deployment in a departmental, workgroup, or medium-size business solution. IDS Workgroup Edition offers a strong foundation for building on demand medium-size business solutions. Building on values from the IDS Express Edition, IDS Workgroup Edition offers customers continuous availability and remote scalable management of thousands of IDS servers. IDS offers unparalleled scalable administration, managing up to 2,000 IDS instances with just 1 DBA. IDS Workgroup Edition is a leading data server for business partners integrating their solutions for medium size businesses, requiring minimal or no database administration. With IDS’ high availability (HA) innovations, customers have a wide choice of options to deploy a continuously available solution while delivering blazing fast performance and utilizing all available hardware resources.
IDS can be easily integrated or embedded into solutions across a broad range of industries such as automotive, banking, electronics, entertainment, finance, gaming, government, health, leisure, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, distribution, and transportation.

• What software is installed in the IDS Express and Workgroup Edition AMIs?

Each AMI is preconfigured with the latest version of IDS 11.50, and a host of productivity and development tools. There are separate AMI images for the IDS Express and Workgroup Editions.

Each AMI image includes:

o IBM IDS Express or Workgroup Edition
o IBM Informix Client SDK
o IBM Informix JDBC Driver
o IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade
o IBM Informix Web DataBlade
o IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC/SQLJ
o IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC/CLI
o IBM OpenAdmin Tool for IDS
o IBM Data Studio Developer


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