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IBM® Informix® Ultimate Edition provides the broadest functionality available on all supported platforms.

The Informix Ultimate Edition includes all Informix features on all supported platforms for development, deployment, and distribution with unlimited scalability. It includes full Flexible Grid and cluster capabilities. Storage compression is available as an optional feature.

Allows unlimited data storage, processors, and memory
Allows full Informix Flexible Grid functionality including unlimited replication nodes and all H/A cluster secondary instance types.
Includes the Continuous Availability Feature that enables you to build a cluster of Informix instances around a single set of shared storage devices. Properly written applications can easily leverage this architecture for load-balancing or continuously available data services, even if one or more servers fail.
Includes the Informix SQL Warehousing Tool (SQW)
Includes the Advanced Access Control Feature (ACCF) enabling cell-, column- and row-level label-based access control (LBAC). Access to data can now be controlled down to an individual cell of information, providing greater security for your critical data and sensitive customer information.
Includes Informix Spatial Datablade solution that can help you implement spatial data warehouses supporting your business intelligence objectives.
The optional Storage Optimization Feature can reduce disk space usage up to 80% while improving performance.
Operating systems supported: HP-UX, Linux, Other Operating Systems, WindowsView features and benefits

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Informix SQL Warehousing Tool (SQW) Informix Spatial Datablade solution Informix Client Software Development Kit Informix DataBlade™ Developers Kit Informix Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Informix Web DataBlade Server Studio™ and Sentinel™

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