IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server

IBM® Lotus® Domino® Messaging Server is a Lotus Domino software license option for deploying a company-wide e-mail and calendar infrastructure with basic collaboration tools. Lotus Domino Messaging Server combines full support for the latest Internet mail standards with industry-leading messaging, calendar and scheduling, discussion database and reference database capabilities - all in one manageable and reliable package.
• E-mail, calendar and scheduling.
• Personal information management (PIM) functions, including personal directory and personal journal.
• Discussion databases.
• Reference databases with basic workflow for document review.
• Blog template for access by Lotus Notes and Web browser users.
• RSS feed generation template.
• Lotus Domino partitioning (the capability to run more than one instance of Lotus Domino on the same machine using one copy of the Lotus Domino code).
• Integrated administration and systems management tools.
• Database compression which significantly reduces the storage size of Domino databases.
• Support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 standards encryption for Lotus Notes email.


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