IBM Lotus Connections 3.0 is social software designed to meet the needs of business. It empowers business professionals to be more innovative and productive by helping them build networks of subject matter experts. It facilitates the creation of vibrant communities of employees, partners and customers where creative ideas can be exchanged to help foster increased business growth.

Lotus Connections can help teams accomplish their business objectives whether they are located locally or distributed geographically.

New capabilities being in Lotus Connections 3.0 include:
New social analytics
New widgets recommend people with whom you might wish to connect and content that might be relevant. The widgets display what you have in common with a the recommended people (such as their community membership) and the social path that links you to the people.

For example, these three widgets are part of Profiles:

• Do You Know: recommends people for you to add to your network based on your existing connections, tags, organizational relationships, and actions that you have taken.
• Things in Common: helps you identify what you have in common with a person -- such as a list of the communities that you and the profile owner both belong to, or a list of the tags that you both use.
• Who Connects Us: shows the social path that links you to a person.

The following Home Page features are new or updated:
Discovering relevant content
A new Recommendations widget suggests content from the different applications that might interest you; you can use these recommendations to help you to expand your network and find content that is relevant to you.
Staying informed of updates

• New filtering options make it easier for you to keep up with the latest updates, and the My To-Do List widget now uses a list format, so it is easy to scan your to-do items and prioritize them as needed.

The following Profiles features are new or updated:
Expanding and connecting with your professional network

• The new Do You Know, Things In Common, and Who Connects Us widgets help you discover what links you to others in your organization, and these new widgets can help you determine if you want to connect with people to expand your social network.
• The new Directory page simplifies searching your company's directory to find the people and expertise that you need.
• A new My Network page makes your network contacts just a click away.
Navigating to the profile information you need
• The My Profile page user experience has been enhanced making it easier and faster for you to navigate between the different areas of your profile, and it is easier to to navigate directly to any Profiles page.
Keeping profile status current

When individuals leave an organization, the administrator can set their status to inactive; when you view the profile of an inactive user, the profile owner is flagged as an inactive user and their photo is not shown.
More flexible Communities

The following Communities features are new or updated:
Discovering, following, and contributing to communities

• A recommendations widget suggests communities for you to join based on your existing community membership, network connections, and tags.
• You can now follow communities that interest you to get the latest updates from those communities in the Home Page news feed.
• New filtering options are available on the My Communities page, so you can display communities that you own, are a member of, or follow.
• A new Files widget makes it easy to upload and share files with your communities.

Customizing a community
• Communities can have sub-communities to bring added attention and focus to a topic or subject.
• When creating an activity for a community, you can add a subset of members to the activity and choose the role that those members will have. This can help to focus your efforts on projects.
• When you apply a theme to a community, the theme is now also applied to the community blog, wiki, and forums.
• Community owners can add multiple forums to a community, and can perform additional tasks, such as marking forum topics as questions.

Encouraging Community growth
Community owners can invite people to join their community, and members of public communities can send invitations to people who they think might be interested in joining. Files.

The following Files features are new or updated:
Navigating to and following files

• The new "Follow" feature will automatically notify you when the file or folder you select is updated.
• The new "Thumbtack" lets you select your favorite Files and Folders so that they are easier to find.
Contributing, organizing, and managing files
• Files can be collected into folders to match your projects or areas of interest.
• Files can be easily added to folders by dragging and dropping them onto a folder.
• Files can be moved to a trash view where they are not visible to others; Files in the Trash are not permanently deleted until you choose to "Empty the trash" view.
• Personal files can be easily shared with a Community.

The following Blogs features are new or updated:

• A new editor makes it easier to author blog entries and enhance them with pictures and videos.
• Auto-save saves your in-progress work and reminds you when you have unsaved work so you can resume editing.
Moderating a blog
• Moderation has been improved to give more control to the administrator who can now moderate a blog's content, and/or delegate the work.
• You can assign people a "Moderation" role so they can review and approve flagged content.
• New configuration options allow you to assign reviewers for each category of flagged content.

The following Activities features are new or updated:
Creating activities for use by a Community

• You can add a community to an activity either while creating the activity or afterward.
• You can restrict access for a community activity to a subset of community members.

Locating an activity
You can now search the tag cloud for a specific tag and multiple tags.
Bookmarks: The Bookmarks social bookmarking application allows you to save, organize, and share bookmarks as well as discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others.

• The enhanced bookmark form makes it easier to tag a bookmark and add it to another application.
• Updated notification gives you more options for notifying other users about a broken link.

The following Wikis features are new or updated:
Customizing a wiki

• Moving pages has been made easier.
• Reorder pages by dragging and dropping them.
• Paste content from other sources more easily with the improvements in the rich text editor.

Locating the wiki you need

• You can find a wiki by selecting Go to Wiki in the search menu and typing the title.
• You can search for all public wikis and wikis you are a member of by selecting All Wikis in the search menu.
• In My Wikis, a new navigation box provides a simple way to see different views of wikis. For example, you can click I'm an Owner to see wikis to which you have Owner access.
• The My Wikis view now has a tag cloud.

Tracking changes
The index of each wiki now makes it easy to find the pages that have been edited by a particular person.
A new Wiki membership view makes it easy to control membership and manage access, and includes a new layout displaying role information and filters.

Forums provide a convenient way to create an on-line discussion where people can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss topics of common interest. Participating in a forum allows you to benefit from the expertise of other people. The new Public Forums page displays all the Public Forums in your organization so that people can find those that night be of interest to them. Forums can be used as a stand-alone application or integrated within a Community.

Locating experts
It is easier and faster to access profile information for an individual, and it is now simpler to search your organization's directory and access your network contacts.

Staying connected
Lotus Connections 3.0 expands the number of its applications which are accessible from a mobile browser, and support for mobile browser access has been added to the Lotus Connections Home Page, Bookmarks, Communities, Forums, Files and Wikis applications. (The Profiles, Activities, and Blog applications also continue to be supported for mobile browser access.)

Examples of the capabilities provided include:
• Update your status
• Add new people to your network
• Share a file
• Log into a community to post information
• Add a bookmark

In particular, the list of supported mobile devices has been expanded to include the Apple iPad and devices running the Android 2.x operating system.

New APIs
• A new API enables the tracking of all data changes across the Lotus Connections applications. This API can be used by software developers and application providers to provide compliance and auditability solutions that integrate with Lotus Connections.
• With Connections 3.0 a new API has been added to enhance existing capabilities for Blogs as well as extend the moderation capabilities to Community Files and Forums. This API can be used by developers and application providers to provide moderation solutions including pre-moderation (inappropriate language filter) and post-moderation (content flagging by users) among other capabilities.


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