IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server

IBM® Lotus® Domino® Utility Server is a Lotus Domino software license option that extends access to non-mail applications from a Web browser without requiring individual client access licenses. If you would like to make collaborative applications available to users inside and outside your company, but do not need mail and calendar, this Lotus Domino license option may be the most cost-effective for you.
Lotus Domino Utility Server is excellent for deploying collaborative applications where the number of users is high or difficult to track (for example, a Web application for customer self-service). Included entitlements allow you to build custom workflow applications and deploy rich document capabilities inside and outside the organization.
• Access to non-mail collaborative applications (Use of individual mail files is not allowed by the license.)
• Lotus Domino partitioning - the capability to run more than one instance of Lotus Domino on the same machine using one copy of the Lotus Domino code
• Lotus Domino clustering for high availability (failover and load balancing)
• Integrated administration and systems management tools
• Database compression which significantly reduces the storage size of Domino databases
Client access licenses are not required for Web browser access to non-mail applications. Access from a Lotus Notes® client is allowed, but the Lotus Notes for Collaboration client access license must be acquired separately.

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