IBM Rational Synergy


IBM® Rational® Synergy is a task-based, integrated configuration management solution for global software development.

The IBM® Rational® Synergy environment is a task-based software development and delivery solution that brings together your global, distributed development teams on a unified change, configuration and release management platform.

• Coordinates all software development around a single configuration management repository, helping you achieve the benefits of ALM on a global scale
• Assists customers by controlling their critical software development requirements and support advanced systems delivery — with the ability to work in a distributed environment using a single central server
• Helps enable a logical task-based to-do list approach to implementing software changes
• Aids your organization’s efforts to develop, publish, reuse, and distribute software components, providing support complex systems development projects
• Provides advanced baseline and release management capabilities to help avoid duplication of effort and loss of quality
• Coordinates development efforts and to help avoid duplication and the need for rework, assisting you with improved productivity and communication
• Supports productive parallel development, helping reduce merge times and eliminating the need for duplicate code bases
• Integrates with leading ALM tools, works within existing integrated development environments (IDEs), and provides tight integration with Rational Change™
• Operating systems supported: Linux, Other Unix, Windows
• Operating systems supported: Linux, Other Operating Systems, Windows


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