Rocket iCluster

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for IBM

In today’s global, 24x7 business environment, organizations need their data and business applications to be constantly accessible—regardless of scheduled system downtime for server upgrades, backups, batch processes, or unplanned outages caused by natural disasters. Rocket iCluster is a high-availability and disaster recovery solution for business applications operating on the IBM System i, which enables continuous access through monitoring, notifying, and self-correcting replication issues. With iCluster you always know your recovery point and recovery time for high availability.

Byte by Byte Logical Verification

iCluster provides the highest fidelity through logical and sequential mirroring from production to backup systems, and byte by byte verification so you won’t be caught out of sync. You can always get accurate content-level, in-sequence transactions between your source and target servers.

Sync? Check

Application downtime can cost your organization substantial time and resources. Cluster sync check capabilities that include an always-active sync check, provide you with enhanced monitoring, extensive object support, and improved switchover times.

Having a Finger on the Pulse

Let iCluster be the finger on the pulse of your backup system so that you can stay familiar with the most recent issues in real time. iCluster makes it easy to manage, administer, and switch. Changes, additions, or deletions are mirrored in near real time to the backup system with flexible, concurrent access to read-only business applications, backups or queries, during mirroring. Built-in self-healing capabilities, automatic re-synchronization of suspended objects, and always-active synchronization checking identify and respond to issues as they occur. Through automated notification of alarms and alerts based on user-defined thresholds, you know about issues in real time, reducing the amount of time you have to spend reacting to problems.

Easy and Flexible Configuration Solution

You can designate and empower any server to be the master server, for easy, fast configuration with updates to all other servers automatically. Instead of having to set up a special administration server on another platform or perform multiple configurations on multiple servers for switchover, with iCluster, there is one system—the master—which sends configuration data to all other systems. Any box anywhere can become the master, so that configuration can happen on any server and the entire system continuously adopts to, everywhere.

Always Available

iCluster ensures high availability through role swapping (fully or partially automated); synchronization checking of file attributes, file contents, IFS attributes, object existence, data area contents, and output queues; monitoring via green screen or an easy-to-understand GUI; and automatic resynchronization of out-of-sync objects and suspended objects. The automatic configuration command, together with the iClustes capability to configure once on the source and then push it out to the backup system, means that your business is up and running much faster with high availability.


Scalable Replication

With superior high-speed replication capabilities, iCluster automatically scales to handle the size of your business and its transactional volumes. Replication minimizes the time required for a switch and enables resynchronizations after network outages. It also allows you to perform workload balancing by splitting application users between two systems when using the CBU Edition and applications with uniquely keyed physical files.

High Accuracy

Transferring, mirroring, or replicating from your production server to your backup box? It has to happen in near real time. iCluster ensures that everything is logically synchronized byte by byte between your source and target, to give you unmatched accuracy.

Smart Fee Structure

iCluster has a lower-cost configuration model for installation, whereby iCluster is licensed by physical server instead of number of logical systems or partitions (LPARs) or by number of users or CPU processors—with no extra charge within the same processor group, regardless of geographical location. No transfer fees. iCluster has all functionality in one product, one installation, no modules. Simple.

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