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UniData® is an extended relational data server ideal for embedding in a variety of industry-focused solutions.

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Its extended relational model is perfect for rapid cost-effective application development serving the needs of businesses from SMB to the enterprise where outstanding performance, reliability, scalability and manageability are needed.

• UniData simplifies data management and query logic, providing more power for online high-transaction applications.
• MultiValue data model eases modeling and storing of complex data and improves retrieval performance.
• Flexible development options, from an integrated Basic development environment to .NET (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio) to Java (e.g. Eclipse) and more with a wide array of programming interfaces.
• Includes UniQuery -- an easy-to-use, English-like query language -- which provides the ability to create meaningful ad hoc data server queries without having to understand underlying data server structures.
• Includes UniBasic -- a unique application development environment -- which enables developers to create powerful, transaction-intensive applications.
• UniData 7.2 introduces Basic Developers Toolkit (BDT), an Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin), an API for External Database Access, PAM/LDAP for user authentication, High Availability enhancements, online resize, and Encryption enhancements. Replication and encryption performance were also improved.


UniData 7.2 delivers enhanced high availability, interoperability, development capability, security, and administration, as well as additional enhancements.

High Availability

UniData 7.2 adds new levels of control and replication granularity for high availability. Replication at the account level and at the file level is now possible with UniData 7.2. The need to explicitly declare each file in the account on the publisher and subscriber has been eliminated. Files created on the fly can be replicated without reconfiguration. In addition, individual subscribed files can be declared writeable on the subscriber: making reporting from the subscriber much easier.

Performance of replication has been improved by the use of dual threaded subscriber processing. UniData 7.2 replication provides better control and balanced data flow, reduced buffer and TCA overflow and reduces delays during SYNC operations.

Another addition to UniData 7.2 High Availability is RESIZE CONCURRENT for Unix-based or Linux-based servers. Prior to 7.2, UniData processes could not access the file until a resize was complete. Now with 7.2, files can be resized while other UniData processes use the file concurrently.


UniData 7.2 adds an External Database Access (EDA) API to the interoperability arsenal. The EDA Driver API enables you to write your own driver to access data in any relational database, such as Microsoft SQLServer or Informix Dynamic Server. The EDA Driver API is a set of sixteen functions which EDA calls to communicate with an external database.

Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) is now supported in UniData 7.2. UniData 7.2 supports the PAM framework for the following products:

• UniObjects
• UniObjects for Java
• UniObjects for .NET
• InterCall
• JDBC Driver for UniData and UniVerse
• UniData ODBC

Development Capability

UniData 7.2 will be the first release that supports the modern, integrated development & debugging tool for Basic Developers: UniData and UniVerse Basic Developers Toolkit (BDT). This graphical toolkit gives Basic developers real power and provides for User Exit Control, a Resource Explorer, a Dictionary Editor, a Code Editor and an Integrated Debugger.

Security and encryption

UniData 7.2 introduces Automatic Data Encryption. With this feature, you can encrypt specified fields or entire records, and UniData automatically decrypts the data when accessed by UniData or UniBasic commands. This enhancement includes the following features:

• Define which fields in the UniData file to encrypt
• Automatically encrypt the data you specify when writing the record to the UniData file
• Automatically decrypt the data you specify when reading the record from the UniData file
• Key management support
• Audit trail for operations on keys and encrypted files
• Support of popular encryption algorithms, such as DES and AES.


An Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin) is included with UniData 7.2. XAdmin is an Eclipse-based interface for administering UniData with an easy to use, modern look and feel with resizable detached views and extensibility potential. The Major features provide by XAdmin include:

• Configurable Performance Monitor views
• Configurable Performance Monitor Report view
• Filters for Server/account/file view or Columns of output views
• Table/tree user interface for Configuration Editor
• New License WizardBubble Help

Additional Enhancements

• 64-bit Sequential File Access
• Support for 64-bit log files with the Recoverable File System

UniData – Matrice de compatibilité
UniData® 7.2 est la dernière version disponible et ce, en 4 éditions :
Personal Edition, Workgroup Edition, Server Edition et Enterprise Edition.

Operating System Software Hardware
AIX 5.3, 6.1 System p (64-bit)

11.23, 11.31

11.23, 11.31

Intel Itanium 2 (64-bit)
Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10 x86 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Solaris 10 Sun UltraSPARC (32-bit)
Windows 2003, XP, Vista,
x86 (32-bit, 64-bit)
x86 (64-bit)

AIX: Software - 5.3, 6.1 / Hardware - System p (64-bit)
HP-UX: Software - 11.23, 11.31, 11.23, 11.31/ Hardware - HP PA-RISC
Intel Itanium 2 (64-bit)
Linux : Software - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10/ Hardware - x86 (32-bit, 64-bit
Solaris : Software - 10/ Hardware - Sun UltraSPARC (32-bit)
Windows : Software - 2003, XP, Vista, 2008/ Hardware - x86 (32-bit, 64-bit)
x86 (64-bit)


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