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UniVerse® is an extended relational data server optimized for embedding in vertical applications.

ODF U2 UniverseUniVerse offers a nested relational (MultiValue) data model which means intuitive data modeling and fewer resulting tables. UniVerse V11.1 adds powerful high availability, interoperability, administration and security capabilities to the solid extended relational database.

U2 Replication extends your capability to deliver high-availability for your business-critical applications. Build a standby system, a report server, a data warehouse or a replicate of your data for whatever purpose you need with U2 Replication.

External Database Access (EDA) gives you the ability to transparently access and update data residing in an SQL database from an existing UniVerse application. Now you can store some or all of your data in UniVerse files or an external database such as IBM DB2 Universal Database while protecting your investment in your business logic.
XAdmin or eXtensible Administration, is a GUI tool that provides you with customizable views for monitoring performance and resource utilization. It is also extensible, so you can add your own administration views and operations, as well as utilize the existing plug-ins as part of your own administration tool.

Includes the UniData and UniVerse Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT), a modern, integrated development and debugging tool for Basic Developers. Based on Eclipse, it provides multiple views to the information you need to build applications quickly. All of the resources you need are there, including a code editor, dictionary editor and an integrated debugger. Includes an embedded development language for creating server-side business logic.
Developers can build in security with Automatic Data Encryption, for encrypting data at rest, and OpenSSL, to create secure communication channels for UniVerse-based applications. Sensitive data used in indexes and keys can also be encrypted.

UniVerse supports Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), enabling UniVerse applications to authenticate users through the use of independent authentication modules at runtime.

UniVerse provides several options for integration into the Microsoft .NET Framework. This flexibility allows you to build and deploy a wide variety of Web-based applications that work seamlessly with .NET. UO.NET for Compact Framework can extend your application to mobile devices.

UniVerse supports numerous Java-based interfaces as well, including JBDC for standards-based connectivity and our own UniObjects for Java high speed native interface. Leverage powerful Java programming tools including the Eclipse framework to enable powerful, platform-independent solutions.

This product scales from the smallest workgroup to thousands of concurrent users when using symmetric multiprocessor (SMP)-based hardware.

UniVerse provides automatic and dynamic tablespace allocation to fit the size of the data server - providing optimum performance and minimizing disk usage for maximum efficiency.



UniVerse V11.1 adds powerful high availability, interoperability, administration and security capabilities to the solid extended relational database.

High Availability

Today’s business-critical applications need to be available all the time. UniVerse V11.1 adds U2 Replication to your tool chest to build applications that can achieve the operational continuity that you need. Based on proven technology, U2 Replication automatically publishes critical data to read-only copies of UniVerse files to one or more subscribing UniVerse systems. Use the replicated data for a standby system in case of system failure or as a reporting system. You can schedule data replication on a periodic basis as needed, for example, weekly, hourly or instantaneously.
Concurrent index build also adds to your uptime. No longer is it a requirement to take your application offline to add an index; you can build it without having to suspend access to your database.


External Database Access (EDA) External database access (EDA) provides the flexibility to store some or all of your data in either UniVerse files or an external database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2.
EDA provides the ability to transparently access and update data from an existing UniVerse application. Graphical tools ease schema mapping and configuration management.
If you need assured one-time delivery of messages across a network, you might be using IBM Websphere MQI. UniVerse V11.1 now supports the powerful MQI API.


Administrators get a graphical administration tool with UniVerse V11.1 that is configurable & extensible. U2 Extensible Administration (XAdmin) is an Eclipse-based tool that includes key administration functions such as configuration, authorization and performance monitoring. You can extend XAdmin by adding your own plug-in, calling a Basic routine or you can embed XAdmin plug-ins into your own Eclipse-based application.


Vous pouvez désormais encrypter vos indexes et clés ainsi que toutes vos données avec la nouvelle version UniVerse V11.1.
Vos données les plus sensibles peuvent à présent être utilisées et protégées en étant intégrées dans vos indexes ou vos clés.
UniVerse™ 11.1 est la dernière version disponible de la solution.
Cette version est disponible en 4 éditions: Personal Edition, Workgroup Edition, Server Edition and Enterprise Edition.

- AIX: Software - 5.3, 6.1/ Hardware - System p (64-bit)
- HP/UX: Software - 11.23, 11.31/ Hardware - Itanium 64-bit
- LINUX: Software - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5,Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11/ Hardware - x86(32-bit, 64-bit)
- Windows: Software - 2003, XP, Vista, 2008, Windows 7/ Hardware - x86(32-bit, 64-bit)


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